• Quality Control of Herbal Drugs

    Author : Dr Pulok K. Mukherjee

    The most exhaustive and comprehensive book ever available on the subject.

    • Safety and Toxicity in Herbal Drugs
    • Ethnobotany in Drug Evaluation
    • Macro-Morphograp... Read More

  • GMP for Botanicals

    Author : Dr Pulok K. Mukherjee,Dr. Robert Verpoorte

    The long awaited book on Good Manufacturing Practices with a Nuts-and-Bolts approach to provide a no-nonsense and practical support for the industries and laboratorie... Read More

  • Herbal Drugs Industry

    Author : DPS Kohli,Dr. V. Rajpal

    This revised 2nd edition is brought up-to-date with latest contemporary processing technology. The old edition has been revised thoroughly and obsolete information was deleted and necessary correct... Read More

  • Standardization of Botanicals, Vol. 1

    Author : DPS Kohli,Dr. V. Rajpal

    There has been a resurgence in usage of herbal medicine in the past few years, not only among the traditional medicine users (ethno-medicine) but also among the moder... Read More

  • Standardization of Botanicals, Vol. 2

    Author : Dr. V. Rajpal

    Testing of medicinal herbs and their derivatives like extracts, phytochemicals, oleoresins etc has all along been a difficult and controversial subject due to the com... Read More

  • Glossary of Phytochemicals

    Author : Dr. Amritpal Singh Saroya

    The skyrocketing cost of research for therapeutic molecules from purely synthetic chemistry, has prompted the resurgence of interest in traditional herbal medicine. While clinical usage of such her... Read More

  • Regulatory Roadmap for Herbal Medicines

    Author : Dr G. Sudesh Kumar

    The book is a roadmap for plant-derived medicine to move through regulatory, quality and intellectual property-related aspects either as a drug or a dietary supp... Read More

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