Herbal Drugs Industry

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ISBN 9788190646727
Presentation Hardbound, 440 Pages
Edition 2nd Edition 2009
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Author DPS Kohli,Dr. V. Rajpal
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This revised 2nd edition is brought up-to-date with latest contemporary processing technology. The old edition has been revised thoroughly and obsolete information was deleted and necessary corrections made. New chapters on Supercritical Fluid Extraction & Ultrasonic Extraction are examples of this new development. Due to rapid development in the fields of pharmacology and bioavailability and to enhance shelf-life of products, two new chapters have been added respectively; Herb Drug Interactions and a chapter on Liposomes and Phytosomes.


Chapter 1     Extraction of Medicinal Plants

Chapter 2     Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Ultrasonic Extraction

Chapter 3     Liposomes and Phytosomes

Chapter 4     Extraction Charts

Chapter 5     Phytopharmaceuticals and Their Source Herbs

Chapter 6     Herbal Sources of Food Supplements, Taste Enhancers, Colours and Cosmetics

Chapter 7     Herbal Extracts

Chapter 8     Some Hints on Herbal Formulations

Chapter 9     Pharmacological Classification of Medicinal Herbs

Chapter 10   Herb – Drug Interactions

Chapter 11  Suggested Dosage of Natural Plant Products

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