Submitting a Book Publishing Proposal

You may be an experienced author or editor, or completely new to the world of publishing, but if you are having experience in the field of pharmaceuticals or herbal medicines and are interested in writing a book, we would be glad to hear from you. You may have already started preparing a manuscript and are looking for feedback, or simply have an idea to write or edit a book. Whatever your situation, we would like to hear from you. We are interested in practical titles for the professional reader, aimed at an international audience.

Business Horizons is counted upon as a niche publisher catering exclusively to the field of pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine and takes pride in producing books to the highest quality standards. Our promotional activities are undertaken on a global basis, primarily by mail order and other promotional channels, ensuring that all our books are promoted worldwide to the people who make purchasing decisions. Being independent, our financial decisions are based on the best interests of our own publications and of our authors

Our international presence in over 80 countries ensures the dissemination of high-quality publications throughout developed and developing countries. Business Horizons remains among the leaders in the development and implementation of new technologies and the creation of valuable new products for the industry and scientific research community.

A qualified pharmacist J. P. S. KOHLI who has worked in various capacities in pharmaceutical industry, including manufacturing, exports and engineering, is the company promoter.

As a company therefore, we are focused on the fields we know intimately and we perceive ourselves to be a source of technology through our books, as we understand perfectly what the industry desires in the form of information resources.

If you would like to put forward an idea or submit a proposal, please

J. P. S. KOHLI, Publisher

There is no form to fill and no standard procedure to follow. We believe in a professional but personal relationship with our authors and therefore an ordinary email from you outlining an idea for a new book should be sent to us and we will interact with you thereafter to explore further possibilities of publishing.